EMS Electric Muscle Stimulator Trainer Smart Fitness Abdominal Training Electric Weight Loss Stickers Sport Massage Belt Unisex

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EMS Electric Muscle Stimulator Trainer Smart Fitness Abdominal Training Electric Weight Loss Stickers Sport Massage Belt Unisex

Prohibition to person who are using medical treatment like below:
The pulse adjustment machine is for medical treatment by electronic and etc that insert into body.
The artificial heart is for medicial tre atment by electronic and ete that ma intains living
An electrocardiograph is for medical treatment by electronic machine and etc that are by paste.
Causing mistake action is danger by pos sibility

What is a low-frequency Treatment?
Low frequency is a type of electricity and has regular thythm and stops. The body will do all types of movement with rhythm according to the proper power and speed acted on the body by the low,to relieving fatigue and dissolution stress
1.Relieving symptom for tighten shoulder, waist and back
2.Betterment of muscular paralysis 
3.Massage effect
4.Betterment of diet


Product name

Intelligent abdomen monitor

 (battery charge).

Intelligent abdomen monitor

(electricity storage Fund)

Materials of the host




Lithium manganese button cell CR2032-3V

Lithium battery


25Hz+/- 10%

25Hz+/- 10%




Remote controller size



Remote controller weight






Materials of the paster

PU+ curry slice


PU+ curry slice


Paste weight




It will automatically shut down if twelve minutes are not use
red lights:charging
green light:full charge
same for remote controller and controller

Use method of the product
There are four keys on the host(from top to bottom, fro left to right).
Power off (off), Decrease the force (-), Increase the force (+) ,Mode switch (MODE)

Install instruction
1. Use the accessories and 1 Yuan coin to screw off remote controller and back over of the host by rotating. Place the button cell and reinstall the back cover. (Please confirm ”+” and ”.”, and insert correctly.)
2. After the controller and paster are buckled up, tear off the transparent film on the paster and paste it on the abdomen.
3.Hold down switch key of the rem ote controller to power on and connect with the power supply. The product begins to work after the indicator light is on. It is the lowest gear at default,Please start it with at lowest output when it is beginning
4. According to the actual need, press ”+” and ”” key on the remote controller to adjust the stren gth. 15 levels are set. Every press will enable the indicator light to flash once.
5. Choice mode.It is about 23 minutes for the automatic exercise mode
6. Manual power off may be performed by pressing the ”switch” key during the use process.
7. After use of the whol e exercise process of 23 minutes, the controller powers off automatically (the indicator light is off)
8.If doesn’t use it for a long time.(more than 1 month) please separate battery from machine and store it at other place

How to use the Pad
1) Always wash the area of your body where you intend to use the adhesive gel pads 
2) Pull the pads off the vinyl cover by gripping the pads 
3) Attach the other adhesive gel pad to a desired part of the body(arms, shoulders, etc.)
1.Don’t attach it with ”power on”, because for shocking.
2.Don’t touch attach side of adhesive pad, it make decreasing using time.
3.turn off power after using,attach adhesive gel pad to pad holder
4.The dirty point should be cleaned by wet cloth by neutral cleaning material and wiped it by drying cloth again.

How to use an effective
1. frequency:12 minuts one time ,2-3 times a day,
2.It’s able to avoid 30minutes after dinner, and favour to do after shower or warm washing.

R-253 Packet list:
Abdominal Patch *1
Local Patch *2
Date Line *1
Main Engine *3
Instruction  Manual *1
R-264 Packet list:
Remote Control *1
Date Cable *1
Manual *1
Partial Massage Sticker *1
Abdominal Massage Sticker *1



Mer information


MULTI, Brown, Gold, Orange, Pink

Brand Name






Model Number

R-253 & R-264 O10


Composite Material

Product Name

Intelligent Abdomen Monitor

Function 1

Muscle Strength,Body Shaped

Function 2

Pain Relief



Suitable The Crowd


How to use

less than 30 minutes everyday


For Belly,Leg,Arm,Neck,Waist,Shoulder,Abdomen,Back

Use scenarios

work, ,exercise, weight loss,leisure


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