Biutee 50 Colors Mica Powder Epoxy Resin Dye Pearl Pigment Natural Acrylic Nail Kit New Biutee Nail Gel Glitter Powder

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Mica Powder Feature : 50 colors :5g/0.18oz

Epoxy Resin Pigment Mica Powder Pearl Pigments Slime Dye Powder Soap Dy Soap Making Colorants Set Colorants for Slime Coloring, Bath Bomb
All of these pigments are 10-60 microns. This powder dyes that melt fast and attached to the materials, and easy to create the perfect product. Inorganic Pigment – Stable in water and solvent base systems (Nail Decore Soap, Slime,Bath Bombs, Epoxy, Cosmetics, Blush,Crafts Jewelry, Eye Shadow, Paint Arts and so on.)

Mica Powder: It can be used for a wide variety handmade cosmetic. It can create effect of depth, shine and shimmer of various shades. Mica Powder Pigments are as easy to use as any other pigment.


1. Before melting the base, cut it into small cubes, so it will melt faster. If you are melting the base in a microwave oven, use a special heat-resistant dish, glass or plastic cups, 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of base melts in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds. Using water bath, the base melts at 158-176 °F.

2. Pure alcohol is also used when making multi-layered soap. You need to sprinkle the frozen layer before pouring the next one – the layers are better attached to each other and do not break down during the use. 3.5 lbs. (1588 grams) of the base freezes in the mold on average in 5 hours.

3. Add organic mica powder for soap molds at the rate of 0.002 – 0.007 ounce per 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of soap base, depending on how saturated the color you want to get. When you add bath bomb dye colorant to melted soap base, stir thoroughly the mass in order to avoid lumps. For more convenience, it’s also possible to add small amount of glycerin to makeup dye and then add this mixture to liquid base. Then pour the soap into the mold, sprinkling it with alcohol, and repeat this procedure afterwards.

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5gper bag 50colors


China, United States


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